A. The God We Serve.

1. He is good.

2. He is caring.

3. He is loving.

B. How Good, Caring and Loving?

Body: Ephesians 2: 4 - 10

I. His Great Love.

A. He is rich in mercy.

B. He has given us life while we were dead (revived us).

C. He has raised us up (the good Samaritan?).

D. He has given us a place of honor to sit.

II. His Gift.

A. He shows His exceeding riches.

B. He is kind to us.

C. He has saved us.

III. His Works.

A. Our works earn us nothing.

B. We are His creation.

C. The good works we do are those He has given us to do.


A. God Is Good.

1. He has provided for us.

2. He has prepared for us.

B. God Is Caring.

1. He has taken care of us.

2. He has watched over us.

C. God Is Loving.

1. He has "presented" us with what we need most.

2. He has demanded our devotion to Him.