A. We Are Called To Grow.

1. As Christís Body.

2. As Individual Members.

B. Fives Principles For Growth.

Body: Acts 2: 42 - 47

I. Steadfast In Doctrine.

A. Our knowledge of God and Jesus.

B. Our knowledge of what is pleasing or unpleasing to them.

C. Our knowledge of how to live.

II. Steadfast In Fellowship.

A. Agreement on doctrine and beliefs.

B. Working together to minister to others.

C. Worshipping God together.

III. Steadfast In Breaking Bread.

A. Dedicated to taking the Lordís Supper.

B. Eating with and spending time together.

IV. Steadfast In Prayers.

A. It is important to stay in touch with God.

B. It is a crucial channel for relieving anxiety.

C. It is a vital way to keep focused.

V. Steadfast In Sharing.

A. They desired to help others.

1. They aided fellow Christians.
2. They assisted anyone who had need.

B. They realized they were stewards of Godís possessions.


A. Do We Desire To Be Like The First Century Church?

1. They were steadfast in doctrine. Are We?

2. They were steadfast in fellowship. Are We?

3. They were steadfast in breaking bread. Are We?

4. They were steadfast in prayers. Are We?

5. They were steadfast in sharing. Are We?

B. Are You Committed To Godís Way?