A. Peter’s View.

1. The church is wonderful and special.

2. We have duties and responsibilities.

3. We have been richly blessed.

4. We must be ready and willing to suffer.

B. Final Exhortations.

Body: 1 Peter 5: 1 - 5

I. An Exhortation to Elders.

A. From a fellow elder.

B. From a witness to suffering .

C. From one who will partake of Christ’s glory.

II. Shepherd the Flock.

A. The work of a shepherd.

1. To guide and direct.
2. To lead to food, water, rest and shelter.
3. To protect from attack.

B. How Elders are to serve.

1. Willingly, not because they have to.
2. Eagerly, not to gain wealth.
3. Examples, not as one who just tells what to do.

C. The Outcome.

1. Jesus is the Chief Shepherd.
2. He will give you THE CROWN of glory.

III. An Exhortation to the Younger.

A. Submit to the Elders.

B. Submit to one another.

C. Wear humility.

D. God is against pride, but giving to the humble.


A. Submission Has Seemingly Become a Dirty Word.

1. The world says be independent.

2. The world says assert your rights.

3. God says humble yourselves and submit.

B. Are You Following God or the World?