A. Being A Christian.

1. Requires our thoughts to be properly focused.

2. Requires the proper attitude.

3. Requires having our priorities right.

B. God Must Be Holy To Us.

Body: 1 Peter 1: 13 - 19

I. God Is Holy.

A. He is sacred.

1. Pure.
2. Clean.
3. Morally blameless.

B. He is set apart.

1. Separate from this world’s uncleanness.
2. Focused on doing what’s right and good.

II. How He Is Holy.

A. He loved us even when we did not love Him.

B. He gave us what we needed even when did not deserve it.

C. He gave us forgiveness even when we were unforgiving.

D. He is patient with us even when we are so indifferent, rebellious, etc.

III. Being Holy.

A. Live your life aiming to PLEASE HIM.

1. Being holy requires living life in a Christ-like way.
2. It requires a willingness to be different from everyone else.

B. Learn all you can of Him by STUDY of His Word.

1. Read your Bible daily.
2. Compare passages to dig deeper and gain greater understanding.
3. Meditate upon what you have studied.

C. PRAY often to spend as much time with Him as you can.

D. TELL OTHERS about the Good News for this life and for the next.


A. "Be Holy, For I Am Holy!"

B. Are You Being Holy?

C. Are You Even Trying?