"I lift up my eyes to the hills From whence comes my help? My help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth" (Psalm 121: 1, 2). The writer of these words asks a poignant, but significant question. Where do we look for help? In all probability the author was in a valley with an enemy bearing down upon him. In the midst of the battle he is hard pressed and in need of assistance. It is possible he thought that others were going to be coming to his aid, but he did not know where or when they were going to be coming. So, he looks up into the hills around him searching for the needed relief.

Once seen the author would then be encouraged and would press the battle with renewed vigor and strength. Yet, the author of this Psalm is quite aware of Who actually provides our help. Whether in the form of the "cavalry coming from the hills," or a renewed vigor and strength from "out of no where," it is the Lord Who provides the help. He uses many messengers and tools to aid us in our fight against evil. From whence comes our help?

When the odds are against us in the desert of sorrow and sin. When the battle presses hard on every side. When depression or heartache is a constant companion. When friends and family desert us. Where do we look for our help? Do we rely upon our own abilities to cope and survive? Do we wish for one friendly person to stand by our side? Do we trust in agencies, institutions or organizations? The truth is the only One we can trust and rely upon is God. Without Him there is no real hope. With Him there is promise.

- Bryan Naugle