Where do I turn when things seem to fall apart? What am I to do next? In Psalm 18: 3, we read, "I will call upon the LORD, who is worthy to be praised; So shall I be saved from my enemies." We must admit that we are usually arrogant in how we deal with life. We fully believe that we can take care of things ourselves, but when things get "too hot to handle," we cry out for help. Even then, we only expect for God to shoulder what we cannot handle and we will take care of the rest.

We also do not expect "a miracle" to happen when God does intervene because "God does not work that way today!" How arrogant we have become. We have done our best to limit and confine God into what we believe He can or cannot do. In the process, we have hurt ourselves, as well as His cause. We have tried to place God into our mold and fashion Him into the God we think He is and should be. In the process, we have become so much like the world that it is difficult to tell any difference. We go about our lives making decisions and plans, only turning to someone else for help when we lose control.

What if we would stop telling God what He can or cannot do? What if we would get out of Godís way and start following Him? What if we would turn everything over to God? What if we gave Him the glory and praise? What if we believed God was able to do anything He wanted to do? Do you think God would be able to accomplish more if we were working with Him instead of working with ourselves with an open invitation for Him to join in the way we want Him to join us?

Bryan Naugle