How many times have you sung the song, "This World Is Not My Home?" Have you really thought about what the song is saying? It is not just talking about being from another state or even being from a different country. It says THIS WORLD is not my home!

This is true in two very definite ways, depending upon the definition of the word world. The first way of viewing this word is in the physical sense. This physical earth is not our permanent residence. One day we will move to our permanent address (one from which we will never move again). We must make the choice as to our final destination before we take our last breathe here on earth. The choices are: a mansion in heaven, or a tent in the "little shop of horrors" (hell). For now, we reside in a hotel room "living out of suitcases." One day, though, the sealed "envelope" will be opened and we will find out if we have a passport to heaven or a ticket to hell. Have you made your choice, yet? Have you checked the roadmap (the Bible) to make sure you are headed in the right direction?

The second way of viewing this word is in the way that we think. We can either be thinking spiritually, or else we are thinking as the world does. Paul reminds us in Romans 12: 2 to not conform to this world. We are to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. Often times, in our jobs the solution to a problem can be seen simply by looking at the problem differently. The same must be true for Christians. We must look at this life and the things of this world in a vastly different way than what non-Christians do. We know and understand that this life is temporary and the things of this world are temporary. Wealth, possessions, property, power, prestige, fame, inheritance and the like are all going to pass away.

The old saying really is true. Home IS where the heart is. "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also" (Matthew 6: 21). Where are you laying up your treasure? Where is your heart? Where is your home?

- Bryan Naugle